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  U.S. Bellows Responds to Emergency Order for a 48" Dia. Expansion Joint

Houston, TX, USA, 9/8/00:
U.S. Bellows, Inc. rushed to an emergency call of an Alaskan petroleum firm. The firm called upon U.S. Bellows’ 24 x 7 Quick-Turn/Emergency service to aid them in the immediate replacement of a defective, 48" diameter expansion joint when their G417 Pump failed suddenly during the plant startup. The timeline of events demonstrates the quick engineering and manufacturing response from U.S Bellows:

  • 07/21/00 (Friday) 5:30 p.m., U.S. Bellows receives an emergency call.

Figure 1: Deformed expansion joint.

Figure 2: U.S. Bellows/PT&P’s design and drawing ready Friday evening
  • 07/22/00 (Saturday) U.S. Bellows/ PT&P builds the 48" diameter expansion joint and ships it to location on the same day.

Figure 3: The 48" dia. Expansion joint being manufactured by U.S Bellows /PT&P’s experienced worker.

Figure 4:  The 48" dia. Expansion joint ready for shipment to customer’s location


  • 07/23/00 (Sunday) The 48" diameter expansion joint designed and built by U.S. Bellows/PT&P was installed at customer's location.

Figure 5: The 48" dia. Expansion joint designed and built by U.S Bellows/PT&P installed at the customer's location.

The customer expressed great appreciation for the extraordinary efforts put forth by the individuals at U.S. Bellows. The on-call engineering and manufacturing team demonstrated its ability and commitment to servicing customers on an emergency basis.

U.S. Bellows is available on a 24 x 7 basis to fulfill any emergency requirements that might arise in the course of plant shut-downs or start-ups. The company has a system of stock bellows which can be used to assemble and ship different types of expansion joints including universal, elbow pressure balanced, and in-line pressure balanced expansion joints. The U.S. Bellows’ "on-call" engineering and manufacturing team is specifically equipped to handle rush and emergency orders. Using unique web and Internet-based technology, the company is able to respond to any emergency requirements within 30 minutes of notification.

For a quicker response, simply fill out the online form at U.S Bellows guarantees a 30 -minute response time.





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