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Where Fabric Expansion Joints are Typically Used in a Fossil Fired Power Plant

March 2nd, 2012 Comments off

See an example of how fabric expansion joints are being used with ducting. The figure below represents a typical balanced draft system with a “cold” precipitator. The black components represent the locations of fabric expansion joints throughout the system.

Expansion Joints in a Typical Blanced Draft System with a Cold Precipitator

**The examples above are representative and should not be used for design. The user should obtain actual values for the particular system being considered

The main sections of the ducting are as follows:

  • FD Fan to Air Preheater
  • Air Preheater to Boiler
  • Air Preheater to Pulverizer
  • Air Preheater to Inlet from Boiler
  • Air Preheater to Precipitator or Bag house
  • Precipitator or Bag house to ID Fan
  • ID Fan to Scrubber
  • Scrubber to Stack


Fabric Expansion Joints for Duct Systems

October 19th, 2010 Comments off

Fabric expansion joints are often used in ducts which carry hot gases at very low pressures. Layers of different fabrics and insulation can be combined to accommodate the temperatures and pressure in the system.

Round Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion Joints for Low Temperature Duct Systems

Fabric expansion joint applications include, air and flue gas duct systems, flue gas desulfurization systems, gas turbines and diesel engine exhaust, incinerators, etc.

Rectangular Fabric Expansion Joints

Rectangular Fabric Expansion Joints for High Temperature Duct Systems

Rectangular Fabric Expansion Joints for High Temperature Duct Systems

Materials for fabric expansion joints include: silica cloth, mineral wool insulation pillows, PTFE coated fiberglass, ceramic fiberglass and aluminum coated fiberglass.

Furnace Sealing Bag

Furnace Sealing Bag for High Temperature ApplicationsA special type of high temperature fabric expansion joint developed by U.S. Bellows, Inc. is a furnace sealing bag. The objective of the bag is to seal the air inlet conduits penetrations into a furnace and thus prevent heat loss.

View the Technical Bulletin on Furance Bags


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