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Installation Instructions for Unassembled Fabric Expansion Joints

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  1. Using the U.S. Bellows drawing, organize the parts per drawing information and “match markings” on parts.
  2. Clean duct/flange surfaces and prepare for welding.
  3. Tack weld frame segments into place. If the expansion joint has a liner, make certain that the flow arrow of the expansion joint/liner is in the proper system flow direction. If liner ships loose, install frames first to allow seal weld access.
  4. Seal weld frames.
  5. Install accumulation barrier/insulation pillow — if required.

View the Pre-Installation Check-list

Accumulation Barriers are typically designed to fill the entire cavity of the expansion joint. Wrap the accumulation barrier around the duct/expansion joint. Pack the accumulation barrier into the cavity of the expansion joint. The liner will prevent the barrier from falling into the duct. Use thread or wire to tie across the breach opening to support accumulation barrier during installation. Remove thread or wire prior to installing the fabric belt element.
Insulation pillows are typically designed to prevent high temperatures from contacting the fabric belt material; therefore it is critical to attach the pillow in place. There are multiple ways to attach the pillow. Follow U.S. Bellows drawing for details. Pinning the pillow to the liner (as shown) or the frame are common methods of attachment.

View the full installation instruction guide for unassembled fabric expansion joints. (Continues with instructions on gaskets for single ply belts or composite belts, and fabric belts with or without factory punched holes.)


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