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Do you have a plant turnaround coming up?

October 24th, 2011 Comments off

Do you have a plant turnaround scheduled or planning one in the near future? PT&P is prepared to be there for you throughout the entire process. From planning, to execution, and follow-up, we have what it takes to accomplish a successful plant turnaround.

Prior to Your Turnaround:
- Call our field service team to assist with plant walk-downs to assess your plant for maintenance, repair or replacement of pipe supports and expansion joints
- Contact our quotations department for immediate pricing on pipe supports, expansion joints, or auxiliary steel needed during the turnaround.
- Consult our experienced engineers for guidance on support placement, materials, finishes, etc. to ensure optimum life of the supports.

During Your Turnaround:
- Use our field service team to guide you through installation, start-up, and replacement to safely and efficiently handle your turnaround.
- For quick delivery, PT&P stocks over 1500 bellows, over 100,000 lb. of insulation materials, over 30,000 spring coils, and over 1 million pounds of standard items

Post Turnaround:
- Receive training to monitor the supports, and identify potential failure, in order to prevent unplanned turnarounds in the future.
- Learn correct size and selection of pipe supports and expansion joints per application for any post-turnaround resolutions.
- Call on our field service team to develop a data book of existing pipe supports and expansion joints and their conditions in order to identify potential maintenance issues in upcoming turnarounds.


Metallic Expansion Joint Refurbished in 2 Days

Metallic Expansion Joint Refurbished in 2 Days

A rectangular metal expansion joint was refurbished  on an emergency   basis for a local chemical plant. Upon arrival, it was acid washed and   dye-penetrant examined for any cracks.  View the full Article.

Refurbishment of 54" Pressure Balanced Elbow Turbine Crossover Expansion Joints

Refurbishment of 54" Pressure Balanced Elbow Turbine Crossover Expansion Joints

U.S.   Bellows, Inc. refurbished two pressure balanced elbow expansion joints with a quick turnaround for a power generation plant during outages.   They are designed for high pressure turbine crossover piping. The first 54″ outside diameter expansion joint leaked from a crack in the bellows   causing an unscheduled outage.  View the full article.

4" Single Expansion Joint

4" Single Expansion Joint

This expansion joint was received in the morning and shipped to the customer the very same day. The bellows, liner and cover were replaced and the carbon steel parts were sand blasted, cleaned and painted. A dye-penetrant test and hydro-test to 518 PSIG were performed prior to shipment. View the full article.

Same Day Turnaround Service on an 8" Single Expansion Joint

Same Day Turnaround Service on an 8" Single Expansion Joint

This expansion joint was received in the morning, refurbished by adding new bellows and limit rods, and then shipped the very same day. New 321 stainless steel bellows were fabricated and the existing flanges were reused by sandblasting and then painting for corrosion protection. View the full article.

U.S. Bellows Provides Emergency Service

September 8th, 2000 Comments off

U.S Bellows, Inc. is now offering a new web-based 24×7 instant response service in order to fulfill requirements in emergency/ quick-turn situations.

The web-based 24×7 Quick-turn/ Emergency service is an invaluable and unique addition to the company’s variety of services. The quick turn/ emergency form found at is easy to read and simple to complete. Upon submission of name, email address, telephone number, fax number and brief and detailed problem description, the U.S. Bellows’ “on-call” engineering team is immediately notified via electronic pager and e-mail. U.S. Bellows’ engineer contacts the customer within 30 minutes to obtain further information and to provide a problem assessment. Once an action plan has been formulated, the U.S. Bellows’ engineer does the necessary design work and then assembles an emergency manufacturing team to build the product. This process, from notification to shipment, can be done by U.S. Bellows in less than 24 hours.

Since the creation of the new online 24×7 quick turn/ emergency form, there have been a number of customer success stories. Customers have a strong appreciation for the ability of U.S. Bellows to provide immediate attention and service to emergency matters. The web-based 24 x 7 Quick-turn/Emergency service is one of the innovative technology-based services provided by U.S. Bellows.


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