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Types of Metallic Expansion Joints

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U.S. Bellows offers all types of metallic expansion joints. Each type has advantages and limitations that can provide flexibility, load reduction, structural integrity and reliability required in a piping system.

Metal expansion joints can withstand the design temperatures and pressures, as well as provide the capacity necessary to absorb thermal growth of the piping system. The thermal movement required can be axial, lateral or angular. In some cases, the pressure thrust of an expansion joint must be restrained by the use of tie rods, hinges or a gimbal while allowing the bellows to move through its design deflections.

Learn more about the different types of metallic expansion joints:

Types of Metallic Expansion Joints: Single, Universal, Hinged Single Expansion Joints —— Universal Expansion Joints ——- Hinged Expansion Joints

92" I.D. Toroidal Bellow Expansion Joint for an ASME "U" Stamp Heat Exchanger Shell

July 2nd, 2001 Comments off
92-inch I.D. toroidal bellow expansion joint for an ASME "U" stamp heat exchanger shell

92-inch I.D. toroidal bellow expansion joint for an ASME "U" stamp heat exchanger shell

The toroidal shape gives the bellow the unique ability to carry high pressures; conversely, it also permits modest deflection ability. The expansion joint was designed for 400 PSIG at 500° F and an extension stroke of 5/16″ and the bellow’s element was fabricated from .060″ Inconel® 600 with A-516 gr 70 weld ends. The 92-inch toroidal expansion joint was also designed per ASME Sec. VIII rules as well as the Expansion Joint Manufacturer EJMA Standards. Upon fabrication completion, hydrotest was conducted at 600 PSIG to detect leaks.


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