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Flexxcel Elastomeric Materials

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Elastomers— A general name for the group of synthetic "rubber" materials that are characterized by their elastic property. These materials are also known by their commercial names as Viton®, Hypalon®, EPDM, and Chlorobutyl.

Before the development of Fluoroplastics, a group of synthetic "rubber" materials were commonly used in flue duct expansion joint applications. These materials, known as Elastomers, include Viton™, EPDM, Chlorobutyl, Hypalon™ and others.

Because of their elastic properties, the various Elastomers are built up into a multi-layered sheet reinforced with fiberglass or Aramid fabric. The finished product, 1/8" to 1/4" thick, is then used as a flat belt or as an integrally flanged U-shaped cross section that bolts directly to duct or equipment flanges. The inherent characteristics of flexibility, abrasion resistance, and flutter resistance translates to long service life when applied properly.

Fluoroelastomer, also know as FKM or by it's commercial name Viton®, is the most commonly used Elastomer in flue duct joints. It is a high performance material that resists acids and many other chemicals.

Please review the following section for details regarding FLEXXCEL Fluoroelastomer and Elastomer products.

Flexxcel Elastomeric Belt Materials

Though Elastomers have been used successfully in many applications since the 1960s, they have some limitations and drawbacks. The biggest limitation is the relatively low temperature capability (see table). Compared to Fluoroplastics, they are heavy and as a result more difficult to install. Splicing Fluoroelastomer material requires vulcanization---a curing process that involves high heat, pressure and the addition of sulfur as a curative. Splicing and repair is limited after the material ages. Fluoroelastomers are also less resistant to chemical attack than Fluoroplastics
See the adjacent table for the full line of Elastomeric materials that U.S. Bellows offers.

Fiberglass Coated Cloth Elast

Typical 1/8" thick Elastomeric fabric belt with single ply reinforcement

Typical 1/4" thick Elastomeric fabric belt with two ply reinforcement


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