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Fluoroplastic Belt Material Guide for Fabric Expansion Joints

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Guide to Selecting a Fluoroplastic Belt Material

  1. Compare the maximum continuous operating temperature of the application against the fabric temperature rating.
  2. If the application has high fly ash or dust loading, select a material with high tensile strength. (Fluoroplastic materials are susceptible to failure from abrasion. In applications where the media includes particulate, a liner must be present.)
  3. If the application is near a fan or anywhere flow turbulence is expected, select a material with high flutter resistance.
  4. In areas of scrubbers or applications that experience condensation of low temperature gases, select a material for wet service.
  5. For areas where corrosion is most severe, we recommend FLEXXCEL HC40.
Material Name Temp. (F) Service Tensile Strength Chemical Barrier Thickness Flutter Resistance Relative Cost
FLEXXCEL MD4 600 Dry Medium 4 mil Low $
FLEXXCEL HD4 600 Dry High 4mil Low $
FLEXXCEL MD7 600 Wet Medium 9 mil Low $$
FLEXXCEL HD7 600 Wet High 9 mil Low $$
FLEXXCEL HD12 600 Wet High 12 mil Low $$$
FLEXXCEL HD20 600 Wet High 20 mil Medium $$$$
FLEXXCEL HC40 500 Wet Medium 40 mil Medium $$$$$
FLEXXCEL FF1 600 Wet Very High 9 mil Very High $$$$$
FLEXXCEL DP1 600 Wet High 20 mil High $$$$
FLEXXCEL HT1 700 Dry High 6 mil High $$$
FLEXXCEL HT3 850 Dry High 6 mil High $$$
FLEXXCEL HT5 1000 Dry High 6 mil High $$$

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