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Single hinged pipe expansion joint with control rods

Photo Gallery: Hinged Pipe Expansion Joints

  • Single hinged expansion joint with refractory lining.
  • Single hinged expansion joint
  • Double hinged refractory lined expansion joint
  • 30 inch double hinged expansion joint with duct work
  • Single hinged expansion joint with control rods
  • Double Hinged Expansion Joint
  • Single hinged expansion joint with control rods
  • 72 inch double gimbal and 72 inch single hinged thick wall expansion joint

Hinged Pipe Expansion Joint  

Hinged Pipe Expansion Joints contain hinges or pivots which allow the unit to bend in a single plane. These units are designed to restrict axial deflection, either in extension or compression. The hinge mechanism is typically designed to accept full pressure thrust. Also, because of the hinge mechanism's design, shear loads, such as from the weight of adjacent piping, can be accepted by this pipe expansion joint, relieving the piping designer of having to provide additional supports and anchors required by the Single type.     Read More...

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