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Universal expansion joint.

Hastalloy C-276 universal pipe expansion joint with limit rods

Photo Gallery: Universal Pipe Expansion Joints

  • Hastalloy C-276 universal expansion joint with limit rods
  • Spent catalyst standpipe expansion joint
  • Small universal joint ready for shipping
  • Universal expansion joint with limit rods
  • Duel hinged universal expansion joint
  • 60 inch refractory lined universal expansion joint assembly with a 45 degree elbow
  • Small universal expansion joint
  • Small stainless steel expansion joint

Universal Pipe Expansion Joint  

The universal pipe expansion joint consists of two bellows separated by a pipe section or spool. The primary purpose of this arrangement is to have a unit which will accept large amounts of lateral deflection. The amount of lateral deflection they can accept is a function of the amount of angulation each bellows can absorb and the distance between the bellows. For a given bellows element, the amount of lateral deflection capability can be increased or decreased by simply changing the length of the center spool. In this catalog three standard overall lengths are given with their lateral movement capability. If the piping problem requires greater capability, then the overall length can be increased to suit.     Read More...

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