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Gimbal Expansion Joints for Crude Oil Pipelines in Canada

January 12, 2021

Gimbal Expansion Joints Fabricated for Crude Oil Pipelines in Canada

U.S. Bellows custom-designed and fabricated universal gimbal expansion joints for 24” diameter crude oil pipelines at a power plant in Canada. The bellows are fabricated from A240 316 stainless steel bellows, the flanges are A105N carbon steel, and the plates are A516 70 carbon steel. The expansion joints are designed for a 10 degrees angular rotation at 285 psig up to 100 degrees F. They are designed for an angular spring rate of 4900 in-lb/dec and vertical offset of 10-1/4”. The units measure 43” x 43” x 110” and 38” x 38” x 79”.

Us bellows gimbal ej 3d model

3D Modeling was done so that our engineers can check the “fit-up” to confirm the design, perform stress analysis, or other modeling benefits prior to fabrication. We performed hydro tests, completed NDE reports, and supplied Material Test Reports per the client requirements.

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Hinged Expansion Joints Custom-Designed for a Process that Produces High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

December 15, 2020

Hinged Expansion Joints Custom-Designed for a Process that Produces High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

U.S. Bellows custom designed these hinged expansion joints for a Polyolefin process which produces High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin at a chemical plant. Polyolefins are a family of polyethylene and polypropylene thermoplastics. The job included expansion joints ranging from 12″ to 32″ NPS. The units pictured above have a nominal pipe size of 16″. The bellows and liner were fabricated from 304 stainless steel and the flanges, cover, and hardware from carbon steel. They are designed for an operating temperature of 176°F at 145 psig and 1° of angular movement. The expansion joints were 100% dye penetrant tested, the bellows longitudinal seam welds were 100% X-rayed, PMI examined, and hydro-tested prior to shipment.

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Custom-Designed Single Flanged Expansion Joints

October 12, 2020

Us bellows single expansion joint 157943

Type: Single Flanged Expansion Joint
Size: 6″ to 18″ Dia. Range
Material: 321 Stainless Steel | 304 SS | 316 SS
Design 1055°F | 2 psig | 5/8 ” Axial Travel | 5/8″ Lateral Offse
Testing: 100% Dye-Penetrant | Air, Soap, & Bubble

U.S. Bellows provided single expansion joints custom-designed for an oil refinery. The 12” diameter bellows are fabricated from 321 stainless steel, the liner is 304 stainless and the flanges are fabricated from carbon steel. The remaining bellows ranged in diameter from 6” to 18” and were fabricated with 316 stainless steel bellows, liners, and flanges. Design conditions: design temperature = 1055°F, operating pressure = 2 psig, axial travel = 5/8”, lateral offset = 5/8”. Each unit was hydrostatically tested prior to shipment. U.S. Bellows provides expansion joint solutions for all markets and applications including biofuels/bioenergy, carbon black industry, paper mills, sugar mills, and wastewater management.

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Single Flanged Expansion Joints for a Leading Manufacturer & Designer of Transformers & Power Supplies for an Industrial Applications Company

August 24, 2020

U.s. bellows custom designed single fanged expansion joints for a leading manufacturer & designer of transformers & power supplies for an industrial applications company

Type: Single Flanged Expansion Joint
Size: 5″ Length | 6″ ID | 11″ O.D.
Material: ASTM A240-316 Stainless Steel
Design 200°F | 150 psig | 7,942 lb/in. Lateral Spring Rate
0.625 ” Axial Travel | 803 lb/in. Axial Spring Rate
0.125″ Lateral Offset | 225 psig Test Pressure
Testing: 100% Dye-Penetrant | Air, Soap, & Bubble

The single expansion joint type is simply a bellows element with end connections. It is the least expensive type but requires that the piping be controlled as to the direction of the movements required of the unit. This type of expansion joint should not be expected to control the movement of the pipe. If the piping analysis shows that the expansion joint must accept axial compression, then the piping must be guided and constrained in other locations so that only that axial movement will occur. The flanges and bellows are fabricated from ASTM A240-316 stainless steel. The units are 6″ in diameter, 5″ long, and have an 11″ outside diameter. Design conditions are: design pressure = 150 psig, test pressure = 225 psig, design temp. = 200°F, axial travel = 0.625″ compression, axial spring rate = 803 lb/in., lateral offset = 0.125″, and lateral spring rate = 7,942 lb/in. *Designed in accordance with the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, 10th E, and welding per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX.

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Tied Universal Elbow Expansion Joint Custom-Designed for Ammonia and Waste Processing for a Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant

August 10, 2020

Usbellows tied universal expansion joint 143516

Type: Tied Universal Elbow Expansion Joint
Size: 20″ Dia. | 112″ Face-of-Flange to Center Line of Elbow OAL
Material: Inconel® 625 Bellows | 304 H Stainless Steel
Design Operating Temp: 1,150°F at 140 psig | 4″ Lateral Deflection
Testing: Dye Penetrant Examined | 100% X-Rayed Bellows | Hydro-tested

U.S. Bellows, Inc. custom-designed a tied universal elbow expansion joint for ammonia and waste processing for a nitrogen fertilizer plant. The bellows and liner are fabricated from Inconel® 625. The pipe, tie rods, and flanges are fabricated from 304 H stainless steel. It is designed for an operating temperature of 1,150°F at 140 psig and 4″ of lateral deflection. The assembly is 20″ in diameter and 112″ face-of-flange to the centerline of elbow OAL. The unit was 100% x-rayed, dye-penetrate examined, and hydro-tested before shipment.

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13 Foot Universal Expansion Joint Custom Designed with Incoloy Bellows and Manufactured in the USA for Service in a Chemical Plant

July 15, 2020

Usbellows universal expansion joint 150651v2


 Type:  Universal Expansion Joint
 Size:  157″ Long x 28″ Diameter
 Material:  Incoloy 825 |  321 SS | 304 SS
 Design:  Operating Temp: 842°F a t 190 psig
Movement 8.875″ Lateral Deflection
 Testing:  Dye Penetrant Examined | 100% X-Rayed Bellows
Longitudinal Seams | PMI Examined | Hydro-tested

This 13′ long universal expansion joint was custom designed for a chemical plant for products such as amines, glycol, polyurethanes (isocyanates and polyol), butanols, polyethylene, and hydrogen peroxide. The bellows were fabricated from Incoloy 825, the welds and liner from 321 stainless steel, and the cover tie rods from 304 stainless steel. The unit is 157″ long with a 28″ diameter. It is designed for an operating temperature of 842°F at 190 psig and 8.875″ of lateral deflection. Prior to shipment, the units were 100% dye penetrant tested, the bellows longitudinal seams were 100% X-rayed, PMI examined, and hydro-tested.

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Fabric Expansion Joints Custom Designed for an Exhaust Duct at a Gas Turbine in Saudi, Arabia

June 29, 2020

Usbellows fabric expansion joint 155931

Type: Fabric Expansion Joint
Size: 70″ W x 126″ L x 17.5″ Face-to-Face
Material: PTFE Fabric Belt | Stainless Steel Framework
Design Operating Temp: -20°F to 600°F | Operating Pressure +/- 100″ Water Column
Movement +/- 1″ Axial Compression & Lateral Offset Combined
Testing: Dye Penetrant Examined | Anchor Install Test& Q.C. Inspection

U.S Bellows custom-designed a rectangular fabric expansion joint with rounded corners for an exhaust duct application at a gas turbine in Saudi, Arabia. The unit is 70″ W x 126″ L x 17.5″ face-to-face; the fabric belt is PTFE and the framework is stainless steel. The expansion joint is designed for an operating temperature range from -20°F to 600°F, an operating pressure of +/- 100″ water column, and a movement of +/- 1″ axial compression and lateral offset combined. A 100% dye-penetrate exam and anchor install test were performed before shipment.

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Rubber Expansion Joints Designed for Water Cooling Loops at a Chemical Plant

June 24, 2020

Ptp rubber expansion joint 152915 (1)

Type: Neoprene Expansion Joint
Size: 3×10, 6×10, 8×12, 10×14
Material: Neoprene Twin Sphere Rubber Tubing with 304 SS Flanges & Covers
Design Operating Temp: 225°F at 225 psig | 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ of Lateral Offset
Testing: Hydro-Tested | PMI on all Rubber Joint Root-Rings

These neoprene expansion joints were custom-designed for water cooling loops at a chemical plant in Louisiana. They have a neoprene twin sphere rubber tubing with 304 stainless steel flanges and covers. U.S. Bellows fabricated five of each of the following dimensions: 3×10, 6×10, 8×12, and 10×14. They are designed for an operating temperature of 225°F at 225 psig and 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ of lateral offset. The units were hydro-tested and PMI on all rubber joint root-rings prior to shipment.

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U.S. Bellows, Inc. Custom Designed a Refractory-Lined Expansion Joint for a Regenerator Application in Uruguay

April 13, 2020

Us bellows refractory lined expansion joints 150958

Type: Refractory-Lined Expansion Joint
Size: 43″ Tall x 39-1/2″ Dia.
Material: Carbon Steel | INCOLOY® 825 | 3.75″ Thick Refractory
Design Operating Temp: 653°F at 46 PSIG | 0.25″ Axial Compression
Testing: Hydro-tested | Q.C. Inspection

This refractory-lined expansion joint was custom designed for a regenerator application in Uruguay. The unit is 43″ tall, 39-1/2″ in diameter, fabricated from carbon steel and the bellows are INCOLOY® 825. It is lined with 3.75″ thick insulating and abrasion-resistant refractory. It is designed for an operating temperature of 653°F at 46 PSIG and 0.25” axial compression. The expansion joint was hydro-tested at 68 psig prior to shipment.

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Fabric Expansion Joint Designed for a High-Temperature Duct Application

March 17, 2020

Usbellows fabric expansion joint 170218

Type: Fabric Expansion Joints
Size: 67″ Long x 67″ Wide x 14″ Tall
Material: 3-Layer Fabric Belt with Kaowool Insulation
304 Stainless Steel Angle Flanges
Design Operating Temp: 2012°F at +/- 100″ Water Column
1″ of Lateral Deflection
Testing: 100% Dye Penetrant Testing & Q.C. Inspection

U.S. Bellows custom designed this fabric expansion joint for a high-temperature duct application in Nebraska. The dimensions for the expansion joint are 67” long, 67” wide, and 14” tall. It has a 3 layer fabric belt with kaowool insulation pillow, 304 stainless steel angle flanges, and 6” internal module of kaowool insulation. The unit is designed for an operating temperature up to 2012°F at +/- 100” water column and 1” of lateral deflection. The expansion joint was 100% dye-penetrant tested prior to shipment.

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